Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a process and activity designed to help remedy a personal or interpersonal problem that may be causing distress. Additionally, therapy is often sought for personal exploration and growth even when minimal symptoms are present. A therapeutic relationship is established between you and your therapist where together you will work to resolve any symptoms of distress, alter maladaptive patterns, and simultaneously increase personal insight.

Listed below are just some of the reasons our clients seek therapy:

  • Feeling depressed or overly anxious
  • Interpersonal difficulties
  • Controlling anger/rage
  • Sexual trauma
  • Women of color concerns (racial identity, acculturation, assimilation)
  • Childhood trauma
  • Support during life transitions
  • Self-injurious behavior (i.e., cutting, burning, picking and pulling of skin and hair)
  • Sexual orientation concerns
  • Grief and loss
  • Dating coach
  • Eating concerns

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